Final Concepts

My ideal Canucks uniform set (Home, Road, Alternate)

COMPLETED: Home Uniform

Current alternate sweater, with striping altered to reflect the original striping with the V hidden in the negative space in the arm stripes, is promoted to home uniform. The use of a white stripe above the green stripe maintains some of the brightness in the jersey, rather than maintaining the position of the green stripe on both home and away sweaters, the function of the two stripes is maintained. with the lighter of the two on top maintaining brightness through the mid-section of the jersey, and creating strong closure by using a dark colour towards the bottom edge of the design.

COMPLETED: Away Uniform

The logo and shoulder patches from the current alternate are transferred onto the original 1970 white uniform, creating an organic evolution between the original Canucks sweaters, and the modern jerseys.

IN PROGRESS: Green Alternate Uniform

Specialty Uniforms 

(Used for special event games, or if the NHL makes rule changes allowing multiple alternate sweaters)

COMPLETED: Classic Home Uniform

These uniforms draw heavy influence from the Vancouver Millionaires, except rather than maroon as the base colour a deep navy is used.

COMPLETED: Classic Road Uniform:

COMPLETED: Home Blue Alternate Uniform

This sweater is meant as a companion to the home sweater, and is basically the current third jersey, with the main crest swapped with the shoulder patches. My hope for this sweater, and the matching away sweater that goes with it, is that they would be introduced as home and road alternates if the NHL ever allowed for multiple alternate sweaters.

COMPLETED: Away Alternate Uniform

a matching white version of the home alternate.

STILL TO COME: WHL Canucks Home Throwback Uniform

STILL TO COME: WHL Canucks Away Throwback Uniform

Faux-Back Series

(reclaimed jerseys from Canucks' history)

COMPLETED: Canucks 1995-1997 Alternate Jersey faux-back

Based off the Canucks' first ever third jersey, redone in the blue, green, and white colour scheme, and featuring the Johnny Canuck V logo.

COMPLETED: Canucks 2001-2006 Alternate Jersey faux-back I

A very direct faux-back from the current Canucks jerseys to those worn from 2001-2006.

COMPLETED: Canucks 2001-2006 Alternate Jersey faux-back II

A less direct faux-back to the 2001-2006 alternate, which stays more in line with the overall Canucks' brand identity.

COMPLETED: Skate on a Plate Home faux-back

This uniform draws on many eras of the Canucks' Skate on a Plate uniforms, and synthesizes them into one sweater which is in line with the overall Canucks brand identity.

COMPLETED: Skate on a Plate Away faux-back 

Matching away version.

IN PROGRESS: Home Flying V faux-back

IN PROGRESS: Away Flying V faux-back

IN PROGRESS: Alternate Flying V faux-back

Just for Fun

Canada Day Home Uniform

Canada Day Away Uniform

Canada Day Alternate Uniform

Cascadia Flag Home Uniform

Cascadia Flag Away Uniform

Whitecaps Inspired Uniform

Still to Come: Lumberjack inspired Uniform


  1. I'm not so crazy about the alternate but the home ad away are perfect! They're exactly what the Canucks need! Great work.

    1. Thanks Justin, I agree with you, the alternate is really just missing something... it's not quite right. I prefer the simpler version (option 1) of the alternate which I have done on this post:

      even this one is not quite right... any suggestions on it would be awesome.

    2. Yeah I like option 1. It looks better without the yokes. Although I do love that Johnny Canuck logo, I don't think it works as a primary that well.

      Also, did you get the concept I emailed you?

  2. Home and road are perfect, except for the numbers font. A block, square font would make the jerseys stand out. As for poor Johnny, he reminds me too much of the "Petits gâteaux Vachon" cook (see )

    1. haha, yeah I have seen this logo before. Even so, I still like the Johnny Canuck V logo, I think it looks a lot better on a sweater (more balanced) than the full body Johnny Canuck logo.

  3. The Skate on a Plate Home faux-back, would look great in an outdoor game